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San Diego, CA

San Diego, CA

Data Center Options: Retrofit, Expand, Build, or Co-Lo?

This Leaders Lab will sort through data center construction, expansion, and lease (co-location) options. We will examine current construction costs and develop some financial models to converge on the best answer for a given enterprise from small to Fortune 100 multinationals. We will cover some of the issues in designing and deploying data infrastructure with particular attention to the best price/performance points for items like power generator sets, UPS systems, and cooling components.

This lab is for those data center IT and facilities professionals who have determined they need to own their servers and are deciding on the optimal design and location for their own equipment. 

Lab Advisor: Hector Diaz, Managing Director, Mission Critical Sector, Easter-Owens Electric Co.

Hector Diaz is a senior business leader with over 15 years’ experience designing, deploying, and operating mission critical infrastructure. He is an industry expert on the strategic allocation of capital, sorting through data center expand/build/buy/lease options. He is currently employed at Easter-Owens Electric Co. holding the title of Managing Director - Mission Critical Sector

Previous employers include CBRE, Oracle, Keysight Technologies, and HP. As a Director at Oracle he provided capacity planning and decision support for capital investments in infrastructure covering over a million square feet of data center space. Hector has extensive data center management experience including overseeing global hosting operations and supporting moves and consolidations related to mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

Hector was born in Spain and raised in Puerto Rico, where he got an engineering degree from the University of Puerto Rico. He has lived in San Juan, Boston, Saudi Arabia, Dallas, and Denver.

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