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 What makes most sense for your data center when it’s time to handle larger and more complex workloads? Do you scale up or scale out? What are some of the parameters you need to know to make the right decision? How far do you scale?  What adjustments do you make to your compute and power loads due to the scale?  Do you scale the entire workload or keep some of the parts centralized?  Do you need a chief data officer and how does this incorporate into DR, security and other plans?

In this Leaders Lab, attendees will work with our expert advisor to discover real-world solutions for their individual needs and then collaborate on an industry whitepaper that outlines recommended best practices. Attendees will determine how to decide if a scale-out approach with a large number of smaller nodes is needed, or whether a scale-up approach might be a better fit in a virtual server consolidation design that can rely on fewer physical servers. In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s important to know all the information ahead of time to make an informed decision.

Advisor: Carrie Goetz, Principal/CTO, StrategITcom

Carrie Goetz, Principal/CTO, StrategITcom, has more than 35 years of global experience designing, running, and auditing IT departments, data centers and working with intelligent building infrastructures. She is an international keynote speaker and is published in 69 countries in more than 250 publications. She holds an honorary doctorate in Mission Critical Operations, MBA, RCDD/NTS, CNID, CDCP, CSM-Agile, AWS CCP, and is a 2nd degree Master Infrastructure Mason with more than 40 certifications throughout her career.  She is on the WIMCO national education committee and is a long-time participant in 7x24 Exchange, AFCOM, Data Center World, and the Data Center Institute board of advisors. She is also a member of the Mission Critical Advisory Board, Cnet Technical Curriculum Advisory Board, Vice Chairwoman and liaison for STEM for AATCU, WIMCO, BICSI, and champions women in STEM.  She holds one telecommunications patent and has submitted two others.

Live Meeting Details: 8:00 am - 1:30 pm PT Oct. 24


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