Edge Computing Virtual Lab

San Diego, CA

For AFCOM Leaders Lab Alumni

“Optimizing Data Center Performance and Reliability through Edge Computing”

 When planning an edge computing strategy, it’s even more critical today to consider the benefits and risks, but also the unforeseen impacts on the performance of your data center and your business as a whole. While edge computing can reduce latency for critical workloads and improve security through distributed networks and architectures, there’s also an increase in complexity of management and in the number of vulnerable endpoints. Then there’s the impact on facilities design and operations technology.

How do you make sense of it all and assure your colleagues not only that an edge strategy is right for your company, but that you’ve got the right design to support this evolving landscape? In this virtual Leaders Lab, held entirely via webinar and exclusively for our AFCOM Leaders Lab Alumni, our expert advisor will lead a hand-selected group of data center professionals in a collaborative discussion designed to answer some of the industry’s most pressing issues on edge computing. We’ll tackle resource issues, proper provisioning, workload management, networking limitations, and security protocols. Then, based on the insights from the Leaders Lab advisor and participants, we’ll produce a whitepaper outlining best practices for optimal edge computing planning and design.

Lab Advisor: Hector Diaz, Senior Partner, iDiaz Advisors