Sponsorship of the AFCOM Leaders Labs provides the unique opportunity to engage with an elite group of data center professionals who are searching for solutions to help the industry today, tomorrow and into the future.

Up to 3 sponsoring companies per city will be accepted. Max 12 total sponsors. 


Sponsors choose to align with a specific topic and participate in the Learning Lab groups in each city:

  • One representative from each sponsoring company may attend the lab meetings
  • Three representatives from each sponsoring company may attend the exclusive Leaders Lab networking event at Data Center World 2021
  • Sponsors will be given recognition, alongside end users, for the creation of the deliverables
  • Sponsor logos will be included on the final deliverables
  • Sponsors will be recognized during the Data Center World presentation of the deliverables
  • Sponsors will be provided with special badge flags at Data Center World 2021, highlighting their status as a Leaders Lab Experts


Sponsors will receive targeted leads from their participation in Leaders Lab:

  • 18 participants in their chosen Lab
  • 54 participants from the other five Leaders Lab groups
  • 75 additional guaranteed leads, driven by downloads of the Lab Executive Summary
  • Sponsors will be invited to participate in a private Leaders Lab LinkedIn group


  • Logo will be included on deliverables from chosen Lab
  • Logo will be included on the Leaders Lab website
  • Logo will be included on signage at Data Center World 2021
  • Name and/or Logo will be included in Leaders Lab press releases

 COST = $15,000 per sponsor